Thermoform Mouth Trays 2 piece set

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Thermoform Mouth Trays 2 piece.  Heat and shape to your mouth with hot water


Step 1:
Heat a pot of very hot water and submerge one mouth tray into it for 5 seconds or until the mouthpiece begins to wilt slightly. DO NOT USE BOILING WATER.  Caution: Keeping the trays submerged for too long will cause them to shrink

Step 2:
Place the mouth tray into your mouth and bite down on it, while at the same time pressing it against the front of your teeth with your fingers and the back of your teeth with your tongue. Let it cool and if your mouth tray is not perfectly moulded to your teeth repeat this process. Repeat with the other mouth tray.  You will only need to conduct this procedure once for each mouthpiece, not each time you whiten your teeth.

Step 3:
After you have finished moulding both mouth trays, cut the holding-tabs off of the trays so that you can close your mouth completely when the mouth trays are in your mouth. Please make sure you trim your thermo-formed trays so that they do not extend above your gum line. This trimming will prevent gel waste and also help to prevent gel from getting on to your gums and other soft tissue.

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