Silicone Mouth Tray/Opener

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These silicone mouth trays are to hold the clients mouth open during professional cosmetic teeth whitening with the use of an accelerator lamp.  These mouth trays are comfortable for your client and easy to use.

To be used with paint on gel.  First paint the gel onto the teeth then insert the mouth tray to hold the mouth open during the treatment.

High quality food grade silicone.

1 piece

How To Use Silicone Mouth Trays

Method 1 – Paint on Teeth Method
Silicone mouth trays can be used with paint on teeth method.  This is where the client applies the gel to the teeth with the whitening pen and then inserts the mouth tray to hold the mouth open.  This method is recommended to keep the gel from contact with the gums.

Method 2 – Mouth Tray Gel Application
Silicone mouth trays can be used to apply the gel as well as holding the mouth open.  Where the client does not wish to paint on the gel it can be applied to the mouth tray.  The client then inserts the tray and pushes it against their teeth with their fingers; this will apply a coating of gel to the teeth.  Although this method is simpler for the client it does allow the gel to go onto the gum tissue which is not ideal.  It is a good idea to have extra vitamin e swabs on hand if using this method as applying the vitamin e to the gum line before and after the treatment will help.

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