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Getting Started in Teeth Whitening
If you are considering adding teeth whitening to your list of salon services or you would like to become a mobile teeth whitening technician Celebrity Whitening have a solution for you at the right price. We have complete systems available to make getting into teeth whitening easy.


Popular and Lucrative Industry
Get your share of the 19 billion dollar teeth whitening industry.  Teeth whitening is an incredibly lucrative service to offer as you can charge $149 - $299 for each treatment.


FREE Teeth Whitening Training
Our easy to follow training comes in the form of an online training program incorporating video, manual and at a glance treatment cards to help you breeze through your first few treatments. You can do the training at your leisure, however it should take less than one hour.

Wholesale Supplier of Teeth Whitening Products and Equipment
Celebrity Whitening are professionals in teeth whitening set-ups.  We offer a range of teeth whitening machines which come with a 12 month warranty and are compliant with Australian standards. Our teeth whitening systems will ensure you get great results for your client every time.

Customer Support
We provide not only the latest technology and wholesale direct prices, we also have excellent customer service and support. We provide training, marketing and promotional material and back up service to ensure your teeth whitening business is a success.



You can be assured you will get maximum results for your client with all our teeth whitening lamps. We only stock high quality equipment, compliant with Australian standards. All our whitening machines have CE certificates and come with a 12 month warranty.

Our best-selling teeth whitening accelerator light is the Lite 2000 due to its versatility and cost effective price. The Force 6000 is an excelent choice for mobile technicians and salons due to its quality build, performance and stainless steel carry case. If you are looking for a teeth whitening machine which looks impressive for a high end clinic or salon then you can’t go past the PRO 9000 for quality and appearance.

Will a stronger teeth whitening machine give better results?

The answer is sometimes but not always and here is why:-
Most clients will get maximum results from all our lamps in the one treatment session. So what does this mean?

Teeth whitening bleaches the stains on the surface of the teeth it does not whiten enamel, no matter how strong the lamp or the gel, whether done by a technician or a dentist. Once there are virtually no more stains to whiten this is referred to as ‘Maximum Results’. The average person has 5-14 shades of staining on the surface of their teeth. That is an average person with an average diet. This doesn’t refer to someone who uses teeth whitening products regularly nor it is a heavy smoker it is just your average person.

Where you may see better results from a stronger lamps is when the client has more than the average staining on the surface of their teeth. In this case a stronger lamp may produce better results especially when combined with an additional 20 minute session you can get the client results of over 14 shades. The stronger the lamp the faster this may occur.


Lite 2000 Specifications:

Led life expectancy: >50,000hours
Lite 2000 Wavelength range: 430nm ~ 520nm
Light source: high-energy blue light LED 4pcs
Voltage: 240V
Light Intensity: 2000mW/cm²
Duty Cycle:- <60 hour per month
Output power: 20W
Gross weight: 8.2kg

This teeth whitening lamp is perfect for salons or mobile technicians offering a light weight design with remote control. It is medium size and easy to put away or move to different spaces.

Force 6000 Specifications:

Led Lights: 12 LED
Wavelength: 390nm-490nm
Light Intensity: up to 6000mW/cm²
Powerful OSRAM blue LEDs, 36 W
Led life expectancy : >50,000 hours
Duty Cycle:- <200 hour per month
Input power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Size: 55*60*23cm
Weight: 13kg

This teeth whitening lamp is perfect for salons or mobile technicians and includes a quality carry case. It is medium size and easy to put away or move to different spaces.

The Force 6000 is an excellent machine for mobile use it has strong light intensity and is structurally strong enough to withstand the demands of regular treatment. The stainless steel carry case offers excellent presentation when arriving at the clients address and protects the device in transit.

Pro 9000 Specifications:

Led life expectancy: >50,000hours
Light source: high-energy blue light LED 8pcs
Light Intensity: 10,000mW/cm²
Input voltage AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Output voltage 4.7V
Power 40VA
Wavelength of blue lamp 460-490nm
Density of blue lamp 200-300mw/cm²
Duty Cycle:- <200 hour per month
size: 67*66*28CM
weight: 25KG

If you want an impressive teeth whitening accelerator for your salon or clinic this is the one for you. This teeth whitening machine is perfect for salons or dentists. This lamp is heavy and large and requires a dedicated space. This machine is NOT suitable for mobile technicians.

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