Shipping & Returns

Fast Shipping

Calculating Shipping Costs

Determining the shipping costs for your order is a straightforward process. Simply add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. At this stage, the system will display the applicable shipping costs without requiring you to place an order.

The calculation of your shipping cost is based on the dimensions and weight of your order, and this computation takes place during the checkout process.

Order Dispatch and Shipping

Once you’ve completed the purchase, we commit to dispatching your order within one business day upon receipt of your full payment. Our location is on the Gold Coast in Australia, and we utilize the most efficient shipping methods available. This may involve dropshipping items from our suppliers, both within and outside Australia.

Transit Times

Please anticipate a transit time of 1-3 business days for most products and 3-10 business days for teeth whitening machines and starter systems. It’s important to note that these delivery estimates are applicable to metropolitan areas in Australia. Remote areas and the west coast may experience slightly longer delivery times.

Keeping You Informed

We strive to keep you well-informed about your order’s progress and ensure a smooth shipping experience. Our commitment is to provide accurate and timely information, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the shipping process from start to finish.


Shipping & Delivery

Domestic Shipping:

At present, we extend our shipping services to all locations serviced by Australia Post or courier service. Upon delivery to your nominated address, the risk and title of the goods transfer to you.

Estimated Delivery Times:

Gel Treatment Packs & Accessories: Orders for these items will be dispatched on the same or the next business day upon receiving your order and payment. The shipment is handled through Express Post, with delivery taking 1-3 business days, contingent on your location.

Starter Kits & Machines: Orders for these items are processed within 1 business day of receiving your payment, and shipping takes approximately 3-10 business days, depending on your location. It’s important to note that dispatch times may experience slight variations.

International Shipping:

For international orders, customs and import duties may be applicable upon reaching the destination. The responsibility for these charges falls upon the recipient and varies from country to country. Contact your local customs office for precise details, and please be aware that additional charges apply for international shipping.

Dispatch Quality Assurance:

Every product and piece of equipment undergoes a thorough check before dispatch. In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged item, we are committed to promptly resolving the issue in the most efficient manner possible. For damaged gels during transit, replacements will be sent without the need for a return. If a return becomes necessary, we will provide you with the appropriate return address, whether it be our office, warehouse, or a designated postal address.

Lay-by Option:

We welcome lay-by orders without any additional charges. However, please note that your order will not be shipped until it is paid in full. For more information about our lay-by option, you can read about it here.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Celebrity Whitening, we take pride in providing our customers with the utmost level of service and unwavering support for our products. We stand by our offerings with a steadfast commitment — if anything falls short of your expectations, we want to hear about it. Our primary goal is to not just meet but exceed your expectations, both in the quality of our products and the excellence of our services.

Unrivalled After-Sales Service:

We firmly believe that our after-sales service sets an industry benchmark. However, we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it — we encourage you to experience it for yourself.

Changed Your Mind?

We understand that preferences may change, and at Celebrity Whitening, we respect your decisions. However, due to hygiene and storage regulations, returns can only be accepted for items deemed faulty. If you find a product that does not meet our high standards, we are dedicated to resolving the issue promptly and to your satisfaction.

Your trust is invaluable to us, and we are committed to ensuring that every interaction with Celebrity Whitening leaves you not just satisfied but genuinely delighted.


Teeth Whitening Satisfaction Guarantee Teeth Whitening Products and Service


30-Day Results Guarantee for Teeth Whitening Systems

At Celebrity Whitening, we proudly stand behind the effectiveness of our teeth whitening systems, offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within this period, your clients do not experience a noticeable improvement of 5-14 shades on untreated teeth, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are confident that with our helpful tips and advice, we can guide you towards achieving optimal results.

Understanding that individual responses may vary, we request that you conduct a reasonable number of treatments, typically between 6-10, before considering a return. To facilitate the process, we kindly ask for before-and-after results of the clients you have treated, including photos if available.

In the rare event that our guidance does not lead to satisfactory results, we are open to receiving the system back for a refund, excluding the delivery cost. Please note that return postage and used product costs are non-refundable. For returns to be accepted, the system must be undamaged and in its original packaging.

It’s important to mention that any returned gels will be discarded and never resold, ensuring the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Our commitment is to your satisfaction and achieving the best possible teeth whitening results with our products.


Equipment Warranty

Equipment Warranty:

We proudly offer a 12-month warranty on all our equipment, demonstrating our commitment to the quality and reliability of our products. If you encounter any issues, we encourage you to contact us promptly so that we can work together to find the best resolution for you.

Common Lamp Issues: Many lamp issues can be resolved by replacing the fuse or power cord. If these steps do not resolve the problem, we ask that you return the lamp to us for inspection. In cases where the equipment is deemed faulty, we will promptly repair or replace the item, whichever is most practical at our discretion, to minimize downtime and have you operational again.

Exclusions from Warranty:

  • Consumables are not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage resulting from dropping, rough treatment, exposure to extreme heat or elements, mishandling, or misuse is not covered.
  • The cost of freight for returning the item to us is not covered.
  • The warranty excludes damage due to misuse, water damage, power surges, or accidental damage.
  • If there is evidence of damage to the lamp, such as scuffs, chips, or cracks, the warranty will be voided.

How to Access Online Courses

When you have completed your order and payment, you will receive your login credentials, a URL, and an access code or password.  This will be sent to you via email and is also accessible from your account.  The password is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears.  Ensure that you include dashes or special characters and that there is no space before or after the password.


Digital Product Policy

Online Training Courses and Digital Products:

Refund Policy for Digital Products: Training courses and digital products are considered instantly available virtual products. Refunds are generally not provided unless under exceptional circumstances:

  • Non-delivery: Claims must be submitted within 7 days from the purchase date if there are issues related to server problems or email service provider problems.
  • Digital Product “Not as Described”: Issues must be reported within 7 days, providing detailed, clear evidence that the purchased product is not as described on the Celebrity Whitening website.
  • Major or Critical Defects: Any defects must be reported within 7 days, and we reserve the right to correct the errors within 7 business days. If no remedy is provided, a full refund will be issued within 3 business days.

Important Note: The purchaser’s lack of understanding on how to use third-party products required to personalize digital products is not considered a fault or a product not as described. Please ensure to familiarize yourself with the requirements before making a purchase.


Private Label Products Policy:

When it comes to private label products, we want to clarify our policies to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for our valued customers.

Logo Resolution Responsibility: We would like to emphasize that we do not assume responsibility for the quality of the logo resolution provided to us for private label products. It is essential for customers to ensure the clarity and quality of their logos before submission.

Return Policy for Private Label Products: Once private label products are printed with your brand, returns can only be accepted in the event of a fault. We encourage you to thoroughly review and assess the samples available in the Celebrity Whitening brand before proceeding with private label orders. This ensures that you are fully satisfied with the products and packaging, reducing the likelihood of issues after customization.

Ordering Samples: To guarantee your contentment with both the products and packaging, we recommend ordering samples in the Celebrity Whitening brand before making decisions about private label products. This step allows you to assess the quality and aesthetics firsthand, contributing to a more informed and confident choice.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional private label products that align with your expectations. By taking these precautionary steps, we aim to facilitate a positive and trouble-free experience as you personalize our products to suit your brand.


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The copyright for any material is reserved by the creator. Any duplication or use of objects including but not limited to videos, diagrams, sounds or text in other digital, printed publications or any other formats is not permitted without the author’s explicit agreement.

Use of Course Material
Whilst every effort is made to ensure correctness, Celebrity Whitening is not responsible for the accuracy, suitability or validity of the course material being offered. The individual purchasing the course is responsible to ensure he or she researches and follows any suggested and mandatory safety guidelines required either by law, regulation, legislation, through best practice recommendations or common sense, and does not rely on the course material for such guidance. The author will not be responsible for any health and safety issues and / or injuries or any consequences of whatsoever nature arising from conducting the course.
The contents of the course are provided for personal interest only and are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If an individual has any questions relating to a medical issue, they should always seek the counsel of qualified physician or another experienced health care practitioner.

Intended Purpose
This course is for informational purposes only and does not imply a qualification. This course is not formally recognised and is not designed or intended to be used in place of an accredited training course. The purpose of this course is to give an overview of the treatment and to assist in deciding whether offering this service suitable to individual needs.
Any certificates provided with this course is for personal aesthetic use only and offer no implication of understanding, competence, completion or accreditation.
This course is designed to give general knowledge only and is not designed to be used in place of an accredited training course. Individuals are responsible for ensuring they have all accreditation required by the relevant government body or authority before offering any treatment.
It is strongly advised that every reader of the course material, including, but not limited to, physicians, nurses, aestheticians, medical aestheticians, cosmetologists, tooth gem technicians, and tattoo artists, familiarise themselves with their local legislation and/or governing boards. These courses are not designed for performing procedures as a professional.
It is solely the individual practitioner’s obligation and responsibility to examine and clarify all rules and regulations relevant to their country, state, territory, city, and county and to consult any local health agency, governing bodies, FDA/TGA (or other relevant body) in relation to regulations and requirements for providing any treatment or service associated with this course.

Any prewritten content is provided as a sample and prepared as a guide for you to add your own information, clauses, and conditions. It is intended that you review and modify the content to fit your business. Any content does not constitute legal advice for your business, and it is recommended that you review your final documents with your legal counsel. This content is provided without any warranties or representatives as to its suitability to your business purpose. We disclaim all liability or responsibility for any alleged losses, injuries, or damages resulting from a user’s decision to make use of this template or any variation thereof.

Limitation of liability
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Celebrity Whitening is not responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of, including but not limited to, procedural operation, licensing, regulations, or litigation.
Celebrity Whitening accepts no liability arising from personal injury how so ever caused as a result of providing the services outlined in this course either to themselves or another person either professionally or without charge.