Teeth Whitening Starter System without a Lamp - 12 Treatments

If you have your own teeth whitening lamp the bring your own lamp starter system includes everything you need to get started in teeth whitening including products, teeth shade guide, training, awesome promotional material and full backup support.  

This system will give you the marketing and promotional to kick start your teeth whitening business on social media.


All our products are Australian compliant and have CE certificates, MSDS reports and NICNAS registration.  We are fully insured and are registered with the Australian government for the importation and supply of teeth whitening products.


We aim to offer the highest standard of products and services in the industry. Once we receive your order and payment, we will ship your teeth whitening starter kit within 1 business day.


Our teeth whitening gel is the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners. Our gel is safe, gentle, and effective.


Huge Profit!  Charge $150-$300 per treatment.

Teeth Whitening Starter System Includes:

1 x Professional Teeth Shade Guide

12 x Teeth Whitening Client Treatment Packs

Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Training

Promotional Material

Awesome Social Media Ads with unlimited use!

Printable Client Consent Forms, Fact Sheets & Aftercare Sheets

Training Includes:

Teeth Whitening Process

Access to training videos

At a glance instruction cards

Legislation and regulations

Tooth anatomy

How teeth whitening works

What results your clients can expect

What causes teeth staining

How to get the best results

What are the risks

Client aftercare

Answers to your client's tricky questions and situations


Documents Included:

Instructional PDF manual

Printable Client Consent Forms

Printable Fact Sheets

Printable After Care Sheet

Promotional Material Included:

A4 Teeth Whitening Poster

A3 Teeth Whitening Poster

Social media Video Ads

Social media Image ads

Social media Quotes

Marketing Ideas

Business Starter Guide


Client Treatment Packs Include:

1 x Whitening Gel Applicator Pen

3 x Oral Wipe

2 x Bib with Tie

1 x Vitamin E swab

1 x Cheek Retractor

wabusiness template