Layby Available

Teeth Whitening Equipment Layby


Flexible Payment Options for Your Teeth Whitening Starter Kit


Can I Lay-By?

Absolutely, you have the option to lay-by your teeth whitening starter kit. What’s more, we offer additional support to help you kickstart your teeth whitening business even while you’re in the process of paying off your kit. We can assist you in creating eye-catching flyers and sending out posters, enabling you to start accepting bookings and spreading the word about your upcoming teeth whitening service.

Furthermore, you can establish a Facebook page and commence your training. Simply keep your potential clients informed about when you anticipate launching your teeth whitening services.


How Does the Lay-By System Work?

Getting started is as easy as making a deposit of just $150, and from there, you can make payments of $100 or more at your convenience. Whenever you make a payment, our system will be promptly updated to reflect your progress. To streamline the process, please use your order number as a reference when making payments. Additionally, send us a quick email to notify us of your deposit, ensuring your account is updated swiftly. Once your kit is fully paid for, we’ll promptly ship it to you, allowing you to begin your journey in the teeth whitening business.


Placing Your Lay-By Order

To initiate your lay-by arrangement, start by adding the desired kit to your shopping cart and proceed through the checkout process. During step 2 of the checkout (out of 3), select “Lay-By” as your payment option. In the “Special Instructions” section, let us know how much you wish to deposit.


Accepted Payment Methods

Lay-By is exclusively available for bank deposit or account transfers. Credit cards are accepted solely for upfront purchases.


Payment Duration

You have the flexibility to lay-by your kit for up to 3 months. Should you require more time, feel free to reach out to us.


Change of Plans? No Problem!

If you find that teeth whitening doesn’t align with your goals or circumstances change, you can cancel your lay-by at any time. You’ll receive a refund for the payments made, minus any services you’ve already utilized. It’s important to note that a non-refundable $100 of the deposit is retained once promotional materials have been shipped, and the training program has been emailed. This portion covers the costs associated with purchasing these products and services.


Receiving Training and Promotional Material During Your Lay-By

If you’d like to access your training and promotional materials while paying off your lay-by, please email us with the following message when making a $100 lay-by payment:

“I would like to receive my free training and promotional material while I pay off my lay-by and understand this will result in $100 of my deposit being non-refundable.”

Upon receiving your deposit, we’ll provide you with access to the teeth whitening training and send your promotional material. For those using internet banking, you can send a screenshot of your payment, and we can promptly email you the training material. We can also begin working on creating proof for your brochures while you wait for the deposit to clear.