Force 6000 Mobile Teeth Whitening Kit + Chair - 12 Treatments

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I received so much help learning what I needed to do to start my business. I had just finished studying and had never even had a job before so I was really scared to start my own business. I spoke to Lily after seeing an ad on Instagram. She was around my age so understood how I felt about parting with my money for something so new. I must have rung her 10 times in 1 day but she was always helpful. I had a lot of friends at college so I decided to give the business a go and start with friends before advertising. I have used all the product that came with the machine in less than a week and placed an order for more today. Just as Lily said my friends have been happy to post reviews for me and I have some great before and afters to promote my business outside of my friends circle. I'm excited to start promoting my Facebook and Instagram page next week.
Date Added: 03/08/2022 by Jaqui S.
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