In-Chair Whitening Products

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teeth whitening gel guarantee


These teeth whitening gel treatment packs are simple to use and highly effective.  Our peroxide treatment packs contain enough product for a triple treatment to get maximum results for your client in one visit.  

Our Australian compliant teeth whitening gels are safe and effective.  We offer the highest grade and strongest teeth whitening gels available in Australia for non-dental practitioners.

Our teeth whitening gels are the strongest available in Australia for non-dental practitioners.  Our products are all Australian compliant and we are one of the few companies registered with the Australian government for the safe importation of teeth whitening gels.  We only import from teeth whitening manufacturers who supply quality products made to Australian standards.  Our teeth whitening treatment packs come with Australian compliant labelling and are hygienically packaged and disposable after each treatment.

Our clients achieve excellent results of 5-14 shades lighter on untreated teeth with our in-chair products.  View current before and after results on our Facebook page

We have carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide gel pens and a non peroxide pre-filled mouth tray options.  Our teeth whitening gel treatment packs are available in several bulk wholesale options so you save more on each kit the more you buy.

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