How White Can You Go?



Understanding Teeth Whitening Results

How white can your teeth go with a teeth whitening treatment? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Teeth whitening results are not one-size-fits-all; they vary significantly from person to person. It’s essential to set realistic expectations before beginning any whitening procedure. Here’s what you need to know:

Managing Expectations

Many people experience immediate satisfaction with their teeth whitening results. However, there are a few critical factors to consider. Start by discussing your client’s history with teeth whitening. If they’ve undergone a whitening treatment in the past two years or regularly use home whitening products, these factors may affect the extent of their results.

It’s important to clarify one common misconception: the dazzling, paper-white smiles you see in movies are typically not the result of teeth whitening. In many cases, these striking transformations are achieved by replacing the surface of the teeth with porcelain veneers.

The Subjectivity of Results

Professional cosmetic teeth whitening can achieve remarkable results, often lightening untreated teeth by 5-14 shades. However, several variables can influence the outcome. For instance, clients who have previously used home whitening treatments or undergone frequent in-chair whitening may experience reduced results.

Crucially, clients should understand that teeth whitening results are highly subjective. Every individual is unique, and their teeth will only whiten to the degree to which they are stained. In other words, teeth whitening can only return teeth to their original color. Therefore, the more stained a person’s teeth are, the more noticeable the improvement will be.

Conversely, individuals with minimal staining, often due to a healthy diet or previous use of home whitening products, may not experience as dramatic a change. Ultimately, the extent of the result achieved depends on the initial shade of the teeth. The closer the teeth were to their natural whiteness, the closer the results will be to that ideal shade.