How to get the best results


The Power of Our Products

Our teeth whitening solutions are renowned for their strength, making them ideal for use outside of dental clinics in Australia. Paired with our top-tier equipment, they consistently yield impressive results. When administered correctly, most clients experience maximum improvement in just one treatment, often achieving a dazzling 5-14 shades lighter. This range represents the typical level of staining found on the teeth of an individual with average dietary and lifestyle habits, who hasn’t undergone a whitening procedure for at least 12 months and hasn’t used home teeth whitening products.

Maximizing Your Results: A Checklist

To achieve the best teeth whitening results with Celebrity Whitening, follow these essential steps:

    • Proper Gel Storage:

      • Store gels in a cool, dry place.
      • Avoid exposing them to heat, which can diminish potency.
      • In warmer months, refrigerate gels and remove them one hour before treatment.
    • Optimal Treatment Sessions:

      • Conduct a minimum of two 20-minute sessions with the teeth whitening machine.
      • Some clients may need a third or fourth treatment, depending on staining levels.
    • Effective Gel Application:

      • Ensure complete removal of the first gel application before reapplying.
      • The gel’s effectiveness peaks after 20 minutes, and any residual gel can hinder results.
    • Positioning the LED Lamp:

      • Place the LED lamp as close to the client’s mouth as possible without touching.
    • Client Reclining:

      • Ensure the client is fully reclined throughout the treatment.
      • Prevent excess saliva from washing away the gel, maintaining optimal contact.
    • Steady Head Position:

      • Ensure the client’s head remains still and directly under the lamp.
      • Discourage the use of mobile devices to prevent inadvertent movements.
    • Pre-application Preparation:

      • Clean and dry the client’s teeth using an oral wipe before gel application.
      • Remove any saliva, food particles, or lip balm to ensure proper gel contact.
    • Even Gel Coverage:

      • Confirm that the client has evenly covered all teeth, including the gum line and spaces.
    • Consistent Monitoring:

      • Use the same tooth and well-lit area for result monitoring with the shade guide.
      • Avoid relying on memories or photos for comparisons.
    • Assess Client History:

      • Determine if clients have used home treatments or recently had in-chair procedures.
      • This assessment helps manage expectations based on prior whitening efforts.
    • Understanding Limitations:

      • Remember that teeth whitening targets surface stains.
      • Intrinsic stains, such as dark shadows, dead nerves, tetracycline stains, and dental work like veneers and crowns, remain unaffected by the process.