Grow Salon Profits with Teeth Whitening

Bump up your salon’s success and boost your revenue with the irresistible allure of Celebrity Whitening. Here’s how integrating this star-studded teeth whitening system can effortlessly make more money for your salon.

Premium Pricing, Premium Profits

Celebrity Whitening allows you to set premium prices for a service that exudes glamour and delivers exceptional results. Clients are willing to invest more for a treatment associated with celebrity radiance, translating to higher profit margins for your salon.


Easy Integration, Quick Returns

Incorporating Celebrity Whitening into your salon is a straightforward process. The turnkey system ensures a hassle-free setup, and with starter kits starting from just $1,475 and 6 months interest-free finance available, you could see returns on your investment in as little as a week.


Attract and Retain Clients

The undeniable appeal of celebrity-endorsed treatments draws in clients seeking that coveted star-quality smile. Offering Celebrity Whitening not only attracts new customers but also ensures repeat business as clients become enamored with the dazzling results.


Marketing Magic

Leverage the marketing support provided by Celebrity Whitening to create a buzz around your salon. Engaging social media posts, promotional materials, and a touch of celebrity glamour will captivate your audience, driving more traffic to your salon.


Private Label Prestige

Take your salon to the next level by opting for private label products featuring your logo at no extra cost. This not only adds a personalized touch but also positions your salon as a distinguished provider of premium beauty services.


Unmatched Training and Support

The comprehensive online training ensures you and your staff are well-equipped to provide top-notch Celebrity Whitening services. With ongoing support, you can confidently offer this in-demand treatment to your clients.


Flexible for All Salon Sizes

Whether you run a large-scale salon or a boutique establishment, Celebrity Whitening seamlessly adapts to your business model. Its versatility ensures that salons of all sizes can capitalize on the profitability of teeth whitening.


Client Referrals and Word-of-Mouth

Satisfied clients become your salon’s best ambassadors. The wow-factor of Celebrity Whitening encourages clients to share their experience, leading to valuable word-of-mouth referrals that can significantly contribute to your salon’s success.


Access to Wholesale Pricing

Creating a free account on our website not only provides instant access to wholesale pricing but also streamlines the process of stocking up on Celebrity Whitening products. Maximize your profit potential by taking advantage of wholesale rates.


Compliance and Confidence

Celebrity Whitening adheres to all Australian standards, ensuring a safe and reliable service for your clients. This commitment to compliance builds trust and confidence, further enhancing your salon’s reputation.


Ready to make your salon the go-to destination for dazzling smiles and celebrity-inspired beauty? Embrace the allure of Celebrity Whitening and watch as your salon’s revenue reaches new heights!

$1,475.00$1,484.48 Ex GST (tax)
$1,795.00$1,804.48 Ex GST (tax)
$2,395.00$2,404.48 Ex GST (tax)
$2,595.00$2,604.48 Ex GST (tax)