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Teeth Whitening Regulations Australia

Clarification on Tooth Whitening and TGA Regulation Tooth whitening is generally not classified as a therapeutic procedure. Therefore, it does not fall under the regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). According to my research on the Poison’s Standard, I have found that there are no specific restrictions on tooth whitening products, provided their supply […]

Why use dental grade teeth whitening gel?

For teeth whitening in Australia, it is recommended to use dental-grade teeth whitening gel that complies with Australian standards and holds ISO certification. Celebrity Whitening offers precisely that – a safe, effective, and high-quality gel that meets Australian compliance standards, ensuring optimal results while prioritizing the safety of both professionals and clients. 🌟 Elevate Your […]

Is it safe to buy a teeth whitening machine from EBay?

We often get asked, ‘what if I buy the teeth whitening machine from EBay?’  Buying a teeth whitening machine from eBay for your business carries risks such as potential counterfeit or unauthorized products, varying quality and reliability, and a lack of warranty, compliance with safety standards. Buying a teeth whitening machine from eBay for your […]

Why 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening?

6% hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening strikes a balance between effectiveness and safety, providing noticeable results with minimized sensitivity. Administered professionally, it allows for shorter treatment times, complying with legal limits for non-dental professional use. The use of 6% hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening offers several benefits: Effective Whitening: 6% hydrogen peroxide is a potent […]

Celebrity Whitening

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