Before and After

Celebrity Whitening will achieve results of 5 - 14 shades lighter on untreated teeth.  We use a teeth shade guide to monitor our clients results because we know you want whiter teeth you can see. Visit our Facebook page for more live examples VIEW HERE

NOTE:- Teeth whitening results are subjective as each individual is different and teeth will only whiten to the degree which they are stained.  This means teeth whitening will only whiten teeth to the colour they were originally grown.  Therefore, the more stained a person’s teeth the greater the result will be.  Teeth with very little staining due to good diet or the use of home whitening treatments may not show as much of a result.  The whiter the persons teeth were originally the whiter the result that can be achieved.

Want to know more about our teeth whitening process?  Please enjoy our brief video.


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